Alёna Vorontsova
Brand Designer

To me fashion is about beauty, comfort and personality. AGLAЁ is about a real woman dressing for her real life and really enjoying it.
AGLAЁ is about elegance, discreet femininity, simplicity, functionality and comfort in combination with the design and quality. I like the concept of personal uniform. This is what I have been always looking for myself. My aesthetic preferences are very eclectic, I refer to Russian culture, avan-guarde, New Wave and Italian neorealism, the 20-30s, my favorite photographers, history of the fashion design. All of these and also my approach to life are embodied in my designs. The life itself is inspiring me. I like to create my world, to make everyday choices, to remove all the excessive and leave the most important things in life. That is what I am trying to do in my design.
Italian-based womenswear label. The first capsul collection SS17 is inspired by retro cinema, photography of Martin Muncasci, music of Yegudi Menuhin and Yoga.

Alena was born in Russia in 1980. She inherited the interest for arts from her grandfather photographer and grandmother tailor. After graduating from University she worked at Christian Dior Parfums as an Architect in Moscow in close collaboration with the Paris office and realized projects for all Russia. With her new-born son she moved to Indonesia, Bali, where she created a small jewellery collection. Bali changed her vision and approach to life and she started her search for a place where she could live in harmony with her soul and body, do sports, be creative and realize self-potential. In 2013 she moved to Lake Garda, Italy. She studied fashion design at ITS Machina Lonati, Brescia.

Alena regularly practices Yoga and Meditation, trekking in the mountains, tennis, running, mountain bike. Currently she works as an architect, fashion designer and a photo producer for different brands.